It's More Than a Meal

Coming together at the end of the day with your friends, loved ones, and family is so special! After a long day of work, you don't want to be rushing to the store and wasting precious time worrying about the unknown source of the dinner. Herd 77 will provide you the convenience of farm fresh meat shipped straight to your doorstep with complete transparency to provide you peace of mind! 

Let's gather together in the kitchen and whip up the perfect meal! Getting everyone involved helps dinner turn into so much more than just a meal! Now dinner time has turned into developing healthy habits, learning valuable life skills, and cultivating memories to last a lifetime. You can feel good about serving the people you love a delicious steak that's high in protein and micronutrients paired with a starch and veggies you have a well-rounded meal at your fingertips. Everyone is sure to enjoy a home-cooked meal that they helped to prepare, and that's a win!