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Make the most of the holiday season with pasture-raised meat, the highest-quality option available. Serve up a meal you can feel good about, and make memories to last a lifetime.

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Why Herd 77?

Restaurant Quality

The majority of beef sold in stores or other online delivery services are lower-tier meat such as “Select” cuts. Herd 77 only offers high quality cuts, emulating the taste of high-end restaurants, without the high dollar markup.

Why Herd 77?

The Real Deal

All-natural, pasture-raised & grain-finished, Responsibly raised and cared for by family in the southern Iowa rolling hill country. 100% Angus, USDA Prime, and Choice cuts only. 

Why Herd 77?

No Commitment

Flexible deliveries and 100% customizable boxes, delivered anywhere in the continental USA. The meat arrives at your home in an insulated box, flash frozen and vacuumed sealed.

100% Natural Angus Beef

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what people are saying

We have a family with two boys who love to cook so we got a big box with a little bit of everything from Brisket to burger. Living in Texas we were nervous about the shipping, but our box came extremly fast and the items were still completely frozen! Our boys had no idea that package was coming and their reaction looked like christmas morning. Our dinners have been awesome and the best part is the boys wont even let me cook. Truly a gift that keeps on giving!

- Jamey

Red and black angus cattle