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Smoked Beef Brats

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Product Details: Each Package includes: 6 Brats

These Brats are made from our dry-aged premium beef cuts, never trimmings, blended with spices for a well-rounded taste in every bite. We use only natural pork casings and no added MSG ever. Additionally, we smoke the brats in small batches to bring the flavors to life.  

Cooking Notes: Brats are the perfect summertime lunch or dinner! We recommend cooking them indirectly in a pot of beer on the stove. This prevents the natural casing from drying out and becoming tough. Once the brats begin to float they are done. We prefer to serve our brats with a little char by searing them quickly on the grill.  

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This Salt Crusted Prime Rib Roast is such a hit in our family, we want everyone to be able to try it out. No gatekeeping over here, and it's actually a super easy way to look like a complete pro in front of friends and family! 

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