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Sirloin Steak


Product Details: Each Package includes TWO 12 oz Steaks

This cut comes from the hind quarter of the cow that’s well exercised curating a thick meaty steak paired with limited, but flavorful marbling that helps keep the steak juicy and tender.

Cooking Notes: While Sirloin steaks offer a great flavor on their own they can take to rub or marinates well! Due to their lower fat percentage, these steaks are best when kept rare to medium rare. Cook quickly over high heat and cut against the grain and you will be amazed at the restaurant-quality steak you created! 

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This Salt Crusted Prime Rib Roast is such a hit in our family, we want everyone to be able to try it out. No gatekeeping over here, and it's actually a super easy way to look like a complete pro in front of friends and family! 

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