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Flat Iron Steak


Product Details: Flat Iron is a very versatile steak, often used for stir fry or fajitas. It is carved from the top blade muscle. For years, this was thought to be unusable until innovative butchers began trimming connective tissues from the meat creating a tender and delicious new cut. It is laced with fine marbling throughout melting to create flavor as the steak is cooked to medium rare.

Beware, it can quickly become a favorite due to its quick and easy preparation!

Cooking Notes:  For fajitas, season with taco seasoning overnight. Note it cooks fast since it is so thin. Cook over high heat on an oiled cast iron skillet for about 4 min or less per side.  Let rest for 5 min. Slice in thin strips for plating. 

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This Salt Crusted Prime Rib Roast is such a hit in our family, we want everyone to be able to try it out. No gatekeeping over here, and it's actually a super easy way to look like a complete pro in front of friends and family! 

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