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Corned Beef


Product Details: Corned Beef is made from Beef Brisket that has been cured in a salt/ spice brine. Corned Beef is also known as "Salt Beef" and both names stem from their curing processes that utilize large-grained rock salt or "corns".  This cut of beef becomes ultra-tender through a slow cooking process that highlights the corned beef's natural flavor.  

Additional Details: Each cut of Corned Beef will come with a packet of corning spices.

Cooking Notes: This cut is best cooked low and slow in a crock pot or Dutch Oven. The longer it cooks the more tender the beef will be. Our favorite way to make Corned Beef is in a Crockpot with a can (or two) of light beer, water, garlic cloves, and corning spices. Be sure the meat is completely submerged in the liquid while cooking. Cook on high for ~5 hours or low for ~8. During the last two hours of cooking add potatoes, onion, carrots, and cabbage! This meal is the perfect dish to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with but will leave you craving it all year long. 

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